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Become a Sponsor of Art-a-Fest

One reason for the event’s success each year is the financial contributions made by area businesses and individuals interested in promoting the arts in our community. Donations are used as cash awards for exhibiting artists, to sponsor performing artists, and for the popular “Art-a-Fest Bucks” given to lucky shoppers to purchase artwork. This has made past events very successful, drawing larger crowds each year and encouraging artists to return


We've added Sponsorship benefits again this year, as a reward for those contributing to sustain the arts in our community and to recognize the importance of local financial commitment to the event:

  • 2024 Sponsors will have a dedicated one-hour window from 9:00 to 10:00 to shop for art works before the general public is invited to buy.

  • As Sponsors check in, they will receive a ribbon to leave with an artist from whom they buy (plus a free cup of coffee and a doughnut, if they like).

  • Sponsors will receive a discount off the price of one of the art pieces they purchase (which Art-a-Fest will make up to the artist).

 Sponsorship levels are:

$150 to $249 - Donor 10% discount
$250 to $495  - Benefactor 15% discount + name on artist presentation ribbon
$500 to $999 - Partner 20% discount + name on artist presentation ribbon
$1,000 and up - Patron 25% discount + name on artist presentation ribbon 


In addition to Sponsorships there are other ways you can contribute to Art-a-Fest 2024. Financial donations of any amount will help fund cash awards for exhibiting artists, sponsor performing artists, and for “Art-a-Fest Bucks” given out to purchase artwork. Additionally, volunteers are welcome on Art-a-Fest Day for everything from setup to staffing the information booth to post-event cleanup. And most importantly, please tell your friends about how fun, exciting, and important to the community Art-a-Fest is and how much you will miss them if they are not able to attend.

Leave a financial donation

Thank you for supporting the arts in our community!

Want to help out in other ways? If you are interested in volunteering or helping in some other way, please CONTACT US. 

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