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  • Can I sell retail items at Art-a-Fest?
    Unfortunately, no. This 1-day event is focused on the fine arts. Retail vendors are encouraged to look into the local Farmer's Market, or apply for craft and vendor shows. Here are the rules and regulations: Artists may only display and sell original artwork in the categories in which they are accepted and must be present for the duration of the festival. An artist may also sell print reproductions of original artwork. Please note that this is a juried fine art show. There is no Arts and Crafts category to which to apply. Commercially manufactured items, import items, food, commercially cast jewelry, or works of art from molds and kits are NOT acceptable. All artwork must be designed and executed by the artist completing the application. The sale of any items not created by the applicant is strictly prohibited. All applicants must submit images and comply with rules and regulations, regardless of past participation.
  • How can I help support Art-a-Fest?
    There are many different ways to help! You can donate or pledge to purchase, or volunteer to help plan or run the event! All monetary donations are tax deductible, and community service (volunteering) looks great on any resume or application. Please contact us if you are interested!
  • Do I need a sales tax permit/ID in order to participate?
    All participating artists MUST have an Iowa tax permit. Please visit the Iowa Department of Revenue website to register. If you have registered, and are awaiting your permit/ID number, you can STILL APPLY for Art-a-Fest! Please indicate "permit pending" in the Tax ID # field. Once you've receivied your permit ID, please contact us to send us the number. Please note- it takes up to 6 weeks to receive your permit number.
  • Why isn't my application going through? I'm stuck, help!
    If your application is getting 'stuck' when you hit submit, that means something is preventing it from progressing to payment and submission. Maybe something in your computer settings. Do you have a pop-up blocker enabled? If so, please turn this off in your settings, and then try again. Below are the required information fields in the application - if any one of these is not filled out, it won't work. Please double check and make sure that every single one of them is filled out. If you click submit and nothing happens, scroll back up and look for any fields that are missing info - they will be outlined in red. - Full name - Email - Street Address - City - State - ZIP - Category/Medium - Tax ID - Agree to the terms and conditions (checkbox) - Consent to the use of images (checkbox) - Select item and proceed to checkout (checkbox- either entry fee, or entry fee + canopy tent rental) Internet speed may also be a factor. It takes awhile to upload the images to our server, especially if the images are large files. If the connection is slow, we recommend giving it some additional time to complete the image uploads before trying again. If none of this works, contact us and we'll do some troubleshooting with you!
  • I'm an artist, and a friend wants me to also sell their artwork in my booth. Is that allowed?
    All artwork exhibited and for sale during Art-a-Fest must be created by the artist. Selling artwork for others out of your booth is not allowed.
  • Can I share my booth with another artist, so we can both sell our artwork together?
    This is only allowed when two (or more) artists are filed jointly for a tax permit number, under one business name. Otherwise, each artist needs to apply separately with their own tax permit numbers. That's our policy in order to keep it fair for all applicants, as well as for compliance with state tax laws.
  • I've been accepted as an artist or vendor for Art-a-Fest, but something has come up and I won't be able to make it. Can I get my application fee refunded?
    The application fee for accepted vendors and artists is non-refundable.
  • Are there any hotels or other lodging accommodations available in Charles City?
    There are! Below is a list of several available options. Airbnb - Studio Apartment North Grand Ave, Charles City Iowa (0.4 Miles from Art-a-Fest) Sherman House Bed & Breakfast 800 Gilbert Street, Charles City Iowa (0.4 Miles from Art-a-Fest) R Campground 1910 Clark Street, Charles City Iowa (1.4 Miles from Art-a-Fest) Super 8 1411 South Grand Avenue, Charles City Iowa (1.7 Miles from Art-a-Fest) Sleep Inn & Suites 1416 South Grand Avenue, Charles City Iowa (1.9 Miles from Art-a-Fest) Cedar Springs Camp 1260 River Road, Floyd Iowa (10.9 Miles from Art-a-Fest)
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