Frequently asked questions

Can I sell retail items at Art-a-Fest?

Unfortunately, no. This 1-day event is focused on supporting the arts in our community. Retail vendors are encouraged to look into the local Farmer's Market, or apply for craft and vendor shows.

How can I help support Art-a-Fest?

There are many different ways to help! You can donate or pledge to purchase, or volunteer to help plan or run the event! All monetary donations are tax deductible, and community service (volunteering) looks great on any resume or application. Please contact us if you are interested!

What will this year's Art-a-Fest look like?

We are planning to be back in Central Park this year! We will keep the public and our participating artists, vendors, and sponsors informed of any changes required due to severe weather or public health restrictions. In the event changes are required, artists will be given the option to participate or recieve a full refund (just like last year).

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