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Logo Design Contest

The logo design contest votes have been counted, and we have a winner...  Congratulations James Davis

James' design will be the new 2024 Art-a-Fest logo, and will be featured on our website, social media, print media, T-shirts, & more.


This logo (and it's more detailed counterpart) are inspired by the arts community within the town of Charles City. The iconic cable bridge spanning the Cedar River is utilized as a design element welcoming residents and visitors into the city. It's reflection is shimmering in the river which flows forward into the Art-A-Fest typography. A painters palette is centered in the logo to symbolize creativity and expression. The colors on the palette are the same colors found within the logo itself – as if someone has just finished painting it. The colors are bright and vibrant to evoke a sense of happiness and celebration. On the more detailed logo version, the same logo is used but all the content is contained within an oval frame which echoes the same roundness of the font for Art-A-Fest. The red banner signifies a festival or event and all the pertinent information is contained within the frame that holds the logo together. Overall, I wanted the logo to provide a sense of true happiness, enjoyment and pride, not only in the artistic output of Charles City but of the city itself.

 THANK YOU to everyone who participated and submitted a design - there were a LOT of votes cast, and it was a VERY close contest. Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by the information booth to vote. We hope to see you all again next year!

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