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Chris "CJ" Falkavage

A native of North Central Wisconsin, born March 1969, I was always doodling with crayons, pencil, colored pencils, and ink pens as a young kid in grade school. Then in my sophomore and junior years, I started painting with watercolor and acrylics and oils. I painted and drew a lot of farm and nature scenes. My high school years I had advanced art classes and received art awards from 1986- 1988. After graduating in 1988, I didn’t do much art work after 1990. I did not go to college or get any formal art training, although I listened to my art teacher from high school on techniques that I still remember to this day. My art had died for 24 years due to work in the field of agriculture and other pursuits of travel in the continental divide of the U.S. In October of 2012, after deciding to get out of over-the-road trucking, I started purchasing art supplies and getting in the swing of things and getting my “rusty” art hand in practice. Today, I am doing wild life art and entering contests with Pheasants Forever in Des Moines, IA. and the REAP contests as well at the State House. I’ve also been doing some commissions out of state and I show my art at the local Farmer’s Market in Iowa Falls, Iowa. I also have a copyright on one of my pieces, “Christmas in the Country,” an oil. Along with the business and commerce side of art, my painting and sketching are a hobby and meditation for body and soul. Every painting is a learning experience and it teaches me to open my mind and open my eyes wide. It’s just who I am!!